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What do the symbols on the front of the school mean?

Dot is Wuji - the "no mind" nothingness state of the spiritual world.

Spiral is Taiji - the process which allows us to move to and from Wuji and YinYang.

S is Yinyang - the complimentary pairing of material world opposites.

Peace sign is symbolic of the contentment and harmony that is experienced upon following one's true destiny.



Often, while solo training, thoughts and feelings bubble up. Years ago, ZAZENZONE popped into my consciousness as a congruent label for our gym. It felt right, but I gave it no further attention. Then a couple of months later while hiking in the Berkshires, ZAZENZONE bubbled up again. This time my hiking friend and I played with it most of the day. It was a full day of frivolously fun brainstorming. I ran it by my children (the acid test) and they approved. So, like it or not, a Way we go.

The Zone

The Greeks considered the gymnasium a sacred space of learning, similar to the Japanese Dojo and the Chinese Wu Dao Quan. In the modern world we call these places the Garden, Palace, Mecca, Forum, etc. I call our school The Zone. It is an external material place where one can get into the internal, spiritual Zone. The Zone is the place where one can be in touch with one's True Self, join with others, find one's destiny and move toward manifesting one's destiny for the benefit of all.


Zazen is probably the most formal of the meditative disciplines. It is a way of being in the nothingness of the spiritual world (Wuji) which then allows one to function more naturally and effectively in the polarities of the material world (yinyang). Therefore, it could be concidered a sitting meditative form of Taiji (The Grand Ultimate).


Hence, Zazenzone, besides being kind of a fun and sexy term, is a union (Yoga) of Wuji and Yinyang and therefore The Taijizone. Or, simply translated as Theendzone. It is the place where people apsire to. Tada.