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There’s No Place Like Om

A click of the heels, a settling of the heels, a digging in of the heels and a breath through the heels produces the well healed feeling of being well heeled. The ancient saying in Taiji Qi Gong practice is that the breath is at the lips at death, the breath is at the shoulders in old age, the breath is at the chest in middle age, the breath is at the belly in youth and the immortal breathes through the heels. Which breath do you want to practice? Which breath do you practice?
A crucial part of spiritually oriented teaching is to set up the environment in such a way that allows the learner the maximum opportunity to move closer to their True Self, their essence, their immortal soul. We may have the experience of our everlasting spirit at any time and anyway. Humans have also developed various practices to help nurture the direct experience of our True Nature. Religious rituals, various healing modalities, meditations, et al are structures that we have used through time and across all cultures. What seems perennial to all humans is the experience of the healing power of nature to nurture us through to the breath at the heels. As modern humans, most of us have the opportunity to experience nature in just the right way and amount. We can look at the loons from our home rooms. We can talk and walk through bridle trails. We can adventure along less well worn paths. We can blaze our own trails.
The snow storm this past weekend provided a nature-induced nurturing experience to a new friend and I after our morning indoor Taiji class. The breathtaking blizzard beckoned us to behold its bluster by bundling up and then being in its’ belly. The winter white and wind whispered wildly as we wandered out along the walkway through the swamp water behind my school. The wondrous weather wooed the woman and I to further explore our walk through the center and along the old railroad bed, the spine center line of our trails. A stop at the foot bridge over the South River and then a drop off the raised rail bed put us into the woods of the newly town-acquired Hatch property. The city-dwelling lady lit up as we walked the less well worn way with wild animal tracks that attacked our attention and kept us on track. A gaggle of geese going to flight frightened my friend, and then gave birth to a pause among the pines. The breath deepened as the plant people permeated our presence. The cold ushered us home.
Where else on this earth can we be so completely enveloped in the woods while being at the center of a modern society? Ah, there’s no place like home, especially when our home, can so easily induce the ease of Om – the primordial vibration of the universe and a primary way of returning and retuning the human vibration from discord to accord. Now, how to bring amen to this Om home promo and get out the door for another free cross country ski glee. No need to blaze new tracks today, as a group of us joined the wild animals and created tracks on the weekend white while Denver denied our guys another Super Sunday. It is easy to feel like a heel when attached to losing results. So maybe we can heal those heels with a little outdoor om in our home while I finish with om-en, home-n, amen or however you vibe a conclusion and commencement continuance.
Oh, if you get out in the wild and white and happen to see a yin and yang symbol signed by ski – that would probably be by my buddies and me expressing our glee.