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Roger Whidden is conferred the title of Tai Chi Master while Dr. Yang becomes grand master.

Roger Whidden, a dedicated YMAA Taijiquan Instructor, recently received the highly-respected title of 'master'. Since YMAA was formed in 1982, Mr. Whidden is the first YMAA instructor to ever reach that goal. With Whidden's confirmation on November 29, 2005, Dr. Yang becomes a grand master, which is a very difficult title to achieve among traditional taijiquan practitioners. The testing was comprised of 50 components including: Long Form, Sword Form, Saber, Staff applications, Push Hands, Chin Na, and sparring.

His final test completed 35 years ( to the day) of Martial Arts training, 30 years of teaching, and 25 years of Tai Chi. Roger won the U.S. National Tai Chi Push Hands Championships in 1991 and 1992, the Boston Tai Chi Form Grand Championships in 1996 and 1997, and the World Kung Fu Tai Chi Moving Push Hands Championship in 1997. Master Whidden states "My lifelong love of learning through Martial, Internal, and Healing Arts has been more difficult and more gratifying than I ever imagined." Congratulations Mr. Whidden from all of your fellow students of YMAA International.

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