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The cartography is centered in the circle of citizens. I’m feeling pleasantly pleased, as there is so much green represented on this map of Marshfield Mass. BL Companies has obviously done some homework towards a Comprehensive Trails Plan in preparation for our first Working Group Meeting at Town Hall on this early December eve. I’m also relieved in knowing that Project Manager, Bradley Parsons has contacted the proper power players and his guys have actually walked the topic of their talk. They seem genuinely excited about this work opportunity, the geography, our love of the land and the spirit of sharing that surrounds us.
“The best leader follows” is an ancient Chinese saying that I use as a mantra when in a leadership role. According this philosophy, clearly and calmly listening to the body of information is the central key to guiding well. Constructing an atmosphere in which the inside information is freely expressed allows the leader to access the working knowledge that is vital to the creation of a masterful plan. The resultant project then, is most likely to be in alignment with the natural course and thereby would nurture well.
So, Mr. Parsons encourages us to “think outside the box” and feel free to express our thoughts and feelings. Our circle of a dozen concerned citizens probably did not need that invitation, as we sprung forth with speech like a bubbling well. Tom Whalen emphasized the geographic center and acme of Carolina Hill as well as its connection to the Bridal Trail. That path, as a part of the old railroad bed has the unique opportunity to be of full multi-use. It was also noted that the railroad bed starts at Greenbush in Scituate and extends to the Bourne Bridge, which connects to the canal trails and the nearly complete trail that comes toward the bridge from Woods Hole. Hiking paths along the edges of the river marshes were also enthusiastically emphasized. I opined that connecting the Veterans and South River Parks along the edge of the marsh to Webster School and the Rexheme area would have multiple benefits. That idea was piggy-backed with the thought of the Bridal to South River to Rexheme trail continue as a loop via an elevated walk and bikeway along the dunes to Humarock and onward with friendly travel along our neighbor’s streets, then back up to the railroad bed and/or Greenbush. Recreation Director, Ned Bangs voiced up as to starting with simplicity and assuredness, as we’ve got it good as it is – witness the magnificent former Coast Guard property that is the home of the Rec Department. Linda Cincotti offered up that we have it all. My sense is that to fully appreciate what we have, we need to use it well and share with those who are likely to receive our bounty gratefully and graciously. Appreciation and sharing appears to be the spirit of our intention.
Re-creating with what we currently have is a recreational opportunity that requires creativity in the crafting. Attending to the opinion of the people and listening to the lay of the land is our point of origin. We need your information and attention to the crafting of our recreational trails plan. After all, the Creator can get quite creative. Meanwhile, I need to find out how we can create crosswalks for the Bridal Trail where it intersects our motorways.
Feel free to walk and talk the trails with me.