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Nature & Nurture - Breathe & Hydrate

Breathing deep and quenching one’s thirst with water happens naturally while on hiking adventures. The purity of the air we inspire and water we ingest are the two most essential elements that nurture our aliveness. Land that is set aside for no and low impact use is vital for clean air and water.
At what point can nature no longer adequately filter through pollutants common to our modern human lifestyle? Clearly, there must be a tipping point related to the reduction of our natural environment and the increase in pollutants that no longer allows for the cleansing of our air and water enough to sustain quality of life. Are we close to the tipping point? Have we passed it? Does nature have to behave radically in an attempt to regain balance?
Air and water quality discussions were central to recent hiking experiences I had with Acupuncturist & Author, Dennis Willmont, Environmental Ecologist Theresa Wolejko, and Dr. Mike Cermak who works with youth through Martial Arts and organic farming. I have had the pleasure of teaching and learning Taiji with these comrades along with occasional hiking adventures. Whether it is through being in nature, practicing a natural system like Taiji, Yoga, Meditation, etc. or intellectually contemplating our human interaction with Heaven and Earth, the conclusions coincide. We appear to be at a critical point in our evolution – reserving, preserving and conserving our natural resources is paramount to surviving and thriving.
Maybe the next time you are outside and experience being nurtured by nature’s air, water and all, you will feel inspired to catalyze changes in your life that allows for nature to nurture us. Tops on my list are eliminating or significantly reducing lawn and garden chemicals, toxic cleaners (how is that for an oxymoron?), beauty products, fake food and drugs of all kinds. Taking care of our inner and outer terrain brings a purpose and meaning to life back to life. Recreating on those trails can catalyze re-creating.
Join my friend and herbalist Louis Vanrenen and I for a walk and talk along the old railroad bed, also known as the Bridal Trail on Sunday, July 19 from 10-noon. Meet at the CVS parking lot in Marshfield Center. Bring clean water and air.