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We love our initials, especially if those letters are of the MD, PHD, MSW and CPA variety that follow our names. Some really important people may be known by their initials. Presidents JFK & LBJ immediately come to mind. Sports stars like MJ and KG do not need their given names to be spelled out. Others may be known by their first or last names or even make up a name. Famous people like Kobe, Trump, Madonna, Prince, et al, seem to like the moniker simplicity of their celebrity status. Most of us have nicknames and pet names – speaking of which – how come pets are of such import that they usually are referred to on a single name basis? Of course, there are some people and cultures that have several names and some of those names are so long that it takes me more than one breath to cover the breadth of the pronunciation. Some letters like AAHD, you may not want to be chasing your name and may find it tough to shake free of that tadpole tail.
The HGH letters are commonly used to connote human growth hormone. HGH is often prescribed in “medicinal” dosages to those whom have low hormone levels. It is commonly used as a muscle enhancement drug and is banned in athletics. That is, unless an athlete can prove he or she is using it for the medical reason of having low level of growth hormone production. The sticky point here is that if one uses HGH, the body stops producing it on its own. So when one comes off the drugs, the hormones produced by the body will be low enough to have a “medical condition” that requires hormone replacement therapy. Understanding the game within the game yet? Muscle enhancement and athletic performance drugs increase the risk of violent behavior. Steroid psychosis is the clinical term for what is known as “roid rage” to the commoner. Young guys are especially at risk and also tend to be acutely influenced by a society’s often subtle as well as overt mandate for violence.
Yet I experience young guys to be such great huggers too. The whole-heart-felt hugs I shared with my son Cory’s bros after his passing are still stored deep in my core. To this day, I am often stopped by his buds for a quick hug. Guys commonly hug after vigorous competing, through beer bonding and when sharing successes. The frequency of heart(y) guy hugs (HGH) is probably higher than other groupings in our society. In fact, in my Martial Arts circles, we often greet each other with hugs as our replacement therapy to the traditional Oriental bow, or in addition to it.
Each year, at this time, I coin a phrase for my school as a way of bringing consciousness to what may need to change for the coming year. In recent years, we have sought to get off the race to rigor mortise, planted our victory gardens, taken back the kitchens, had an evolution revolution, had a year of the Yeti, found our locomotive breath and moved with meditation to remove the medications. With the power that I have entrusted to myself as President of my school, I here do declare 2016 to be the year of HGH – Heart(y) Guy Hugs. Please provide the social conditions for guys (especially the young adult ones) to express their kind heart energy. And please receive that bounty well. Let us create an environment for men to express their hormones in healthy ways. Prevention is worth a pound of cure, especially in regard to violence to oneself and others. Transforming HGH’s via heart(y) guy hugs can go a long way to stopping the violence. After all, stopping the violence is the original meaning for Chinese Martial Arts.