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We love our initials, especially if those letters are of the MD, PHD, MSW and CPA variety that follow our names. Some really important people may be known by their initials. Presidents JFK & LBJ immediately come to mind. Sports stars like MJ and KG do not need their given names to be spelled out. Others may be known by their first or last names or even make up a name.

All Lives Matter

While bicycling home to Canton from Forest Hills on a fine Fall day, my mind falls back to the wonderful free lecture that I had just attended. “It all comes down to conquering one’s laziness and selfishness” is the essence of Martial Arts Master, Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming’s ( presentation.


It’s late last night and I’m fading to black as the Patriots are lighting it up in Houston. Commentator Chris Collingsworth calls to my consciousness as he comments concerning concussions. Concussions are now in the discussions concerning contact sports.