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Roger Whidden's blog

Pedaling the Possible

This warm weather week brought people to outdoor pursuits like carpenter ants coming out of rotten wood that had just been wedged open by Bunyon’s brawn. It was wonderful to witness the Houghton’s pond parking lot at Blue Hills at almost full capacity as I entered it last Wednesday afternoon.

Old Crossroads in a New Way

My friend and I had a winter weekend in the Whites. It was a common location for me, as I had built a vacation home in Bethlehem, N.H. over 25 years ago B.C. (before children). Many wonderful adventures were experienced in those mountains with family and friends as well as solo.

Full and Empty

Zero and one comprise the binary code that this computer system is based on. Simply touching these keys brings up a something and the pause between letters is a nothing. So something and nothing in right relationship creates this script about full and empty.