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Roger Whidden's blog

Pedal Power

He rockets up the steep incline the way a ski racer relishes the decline. A big guy passing the pack on the uphill is a new experience for me to see. Even with the commuter, cross-country and competitive cycling miles under my belt, I’ve never witnessed such a sight. So I get on my horse, huff and puff enough to get the right stuff and finally get up to snuff.

Plant People

I stand in the corner facing the plant while in the horse riding stance. My Taiji Master, John Chueng Li is teaching his other students the classic twenty minute Taiji long form. I feel great gratitude that the elderly Chinese Master has allowed this Caucasian to join his Chinatown class.

Study Buddies

She hands her baby to her husband. The new mother is also new to this country. Though the Greater Boston area is quite different from her native Taiwan, the young Chinese woman is at home here enough to speak. She talks openly of her appreciation of her father’s corrective feedback.