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Browsing through the new Fung Shui shop in Marshfield several years ago, I’m stopped by the owner, Alex Bai, who queries, “Do you ski?” His words are quite Chinglishy and I am more in the looking at the beautiful Chinese furnishings and art mode than deciphering English as a second language mode. Hence, I can only answer with an inquisitive silent stare.


I’m meditating on a massaging melodious message from Melissa when Marilyn meanders to my gym door. She has come to pay for her grandson’s Karate tuition. He had previously come in for a taste of our oriental offerings and loved the nourishment and nurturing as much as we loved him joining us.

“Always Hungry?”

A gentle tap on the shoulder, a turn toward it, a smile, a recognition and a hearty guy hug (HGH – see last week’s column). It’s Dr. David Ludwig, MD, Phd, here at the Kripalu Yoga Center in the Bershires. We sit and nurture ourselves with wonderfully nutritious food and nourishing warm words.