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Old Age Crisis

I got the blues over at the Blue Hills today. On the trail at dawn with temps in the teens meant that I had that free outdoor gym to myself for a quick 8 mile romp through the woods. As much as I love my solo nature nurturing, I miss the weekly scampers I had with my fellow frolickers.


The not so Super Bowl is consummated, today is Chinese New Year (gong hai fat choy to all whom this day has importance) and it is challenging for me to keep my attention focused on this tardy typing while the winter white whips by the windows. My daughter, Jian, is of Chinese genetics and we adopted her into our family twenty winters ago.

Fast is not for Every One

We gather as a group of hikers at the first common intersection. Once all are accounted for, our gang of grade school guys go off toward our first lesson. It may be visiting Lizzie’s new horse, checking out the stream for tadpoles or annoying Mr. Smith’s chickens.