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Green Dragon

The boy is like a buoy in a sea of white foam. Standing still amidst his Karate Kid classmates’ vigorous activity makes him standout. The nothingness state is further juxtaposed by his tan skin tone surrounded by the crème colored skin of his fellow students. Recognizing his need, I release my common coaching tendency to catalyze action in the inactive.

The Great Forty-eight

My “Yeti” buddies and I are doing our weekly scamper through the Blues when we come across a crossroads crisis. We exercise caution. A fair maiden appears lost. Upon discerning her disconcerting dilemma, we offer up an invite to gallop with our group. She agrees to enlist with us, as we are headed back to the same parking lot where her four wheels are parked.

Return to the Mountain

“The Dao that can be spoken is not the true Dao.” This famous Chinese quote is from the book, Dao De Jing. That writing is attributed to Lao Tzu and the title translates as the book of virtue. It is probably the most famous of all the Chinese classics and is comparable in influence to the Bible.