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Square Pumpkins

Many of my friends in the teaching profession bemoan what they experience as a radical shift toward the entertainment model in modern education. What I hear them say is: “You’ve got to capture their attention. It must be fun for them. You have to make them enjoy it. Sell them on it.” Whoa, when did I sign up to be a captor, clown, Mr. Joy and a capitalist all in one?

Brady Brunch

The gong rings and our morning Taiji Gong Fu class forms as a ring shape. We bow and one of the Taijiers, Rabbi, Dr. Mike bellows that Tom Brady was sounding as though he had been brainwashed as a youth in my Karate Kids classes! The Rabbi goes on and states that on the previous day’s sport radio broadcast, Brady spoke at length about his training.

97 IS THE NEW 79

What can happen when one synthesizes quantity and quality through a lifetime of “doing my best every day”? Well, on 11/1/15, we got Dorothea Dowd’s birthday of 97 years. I first met her when she commenced Taiji classes with us 18 years ago, at age 79.