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It’s like déjà-vu all over again. Fifteen years ago I hi-jacked some of my teenaged Karate students to provide technical support for my local access TV show, “Mister Roger & Neighbors”. Little did I initially know that they would often provide plenty of hi-jinx to our monthly one hour video venture.


“Walk barefoot in the beach sand”, was the prescription given to me by Dr. McVey. And each time I walk the beach (usually barefoot) I recall his sagely advise. It was 1961. This fat and sickly seven year old was recovering from a severe foot injury that required three surgeries, six weeks in the hospital and subsequent casting for three months.

Outdoor Schooling

“When the student is ready, the Teacher(s) will appear”, is a famous Chinese saying. It is especially common to learning the Martial Arts. I was ready to hike from the CVS trailhead along the old railroad bed, also called the bridal path.