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Sand Man

When recently asked as to what my favorite local hike was, I quickly and spontaneously answered, “ The beach.” Upon reflection, I questioned myself as to what that immediate response was about, as I love hiking in the woods, especially with elevation.


“Cousin” Mike earned the nickname “Brevet” when I felt the need to crown him after his successful completion of a 930 mile bicycle ride in just over 100 hours last year. Sometimes these rides are referred to as brevets, as the original French name has crossed the pond with the peddling moniker intact.


I did not realize that I had written last week’s inaugural column, entitled “It’s déjà-vu all over again” the day prior to Yogi Berra’s passing until this newspaper came out. I also did not know that the “déjà-vu” quip was attributed to him. It is one of my favorite sayings, as I often have déjà-vu experiences.